Soffits and Fascia


Do you know where the soffits and fascia are on your home, or even what they do? The truth is many property owners have no clue how important these architectural essentials are in protecting a structure from the elements — let alone what to do if there’s a problem. But with the professionals at Platinum Roofing on speed dial, there is no reason to worry! Our exterior renovation specialists spend more time on roofs than Santa Claus, and we’re happy to share our expertise! 
A soffit is the exposed surface underneath the roof’s eaves, while a fascia is the board that runs horizontally along the lower edge of the roof. Although they seem decorative — and certainly can add to a home’s aesthetic appeal and value — soffits and fascia also have a purpose. 
soffits and fascia for ventilation
Properly installed, soffits provide ventilation for the attic space and prevent moisture, insects, and animals from getting in. The fascia typically supports the gutter system, which carries water away from the structure’s foundation keeping it protected.
Because they are the first line of defense against nesting birds and blowing rain, soffits and fascia are often the first part of a roof to need repairs. Call Platinum Roofing for an inspection if you’re experiencing any of these issues:
  • Drooping, Leaky Gutters
  • Frost in the Attic
  • Pest Infestation
  • Interior Water Damage
Curb appeal and functional home improvement in one fell swoop? It doesn’t get better than that. Contact us today to receive a consultation and free quote on soffit and fascia repair and installation.
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